Explore Embroidery & Colours from Kashmir Valley at Kalashree Regalia Chandni Chowk

Feb 24, 2018    Admin

Kashmiri Embroidery Suits

Kashmir – the heaven on earth is well-known for its natural picturesque. This is not the only thing which Kashmir is for. The valley has also earned huge recognition for its handicrafts. Kashmiri Embroidery is one of the most fascinating thing which is found on garments like the phiran, tapestry, curtains, shawls and household linen. The embroidery is renowned for its beauty and richness which manifests the colour of the region like chinar leaves, cypress cones, the lotus and almonds.

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Designer Suits-Amazing Collection To Get Sparkling Looks

Dec 22, 2017    Admin

designer suits shop in Delhi


Undoubtedly, the designer suits have special charisma in the hearts of young women and girls. They love these collections because of the fact that these provide them awesome looks and that too in a conventional way. The designer suits are perfect outfits to be worn on auspicious occasions such as wedding ceremonies, festive occasions, evening parties, etc.

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What To Wear The Next Day of Your Wedding?

May 20, 2017    Admin

Kala Shree Regalia at Chandni Chowk


Wedding been a once in a lifetime event in India lasts an average of three days.You’ll want to write that post wedding high for as long as possible but the elaborate ceremonies have left you tired by now.The guests are still there and are getting ready to leave.Everyone wants to meet and greet the newly wed couple so amidst of this chaos and being the centre of attraction you need to dress up well.

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