Distinctive Colour Combinations of Wedding Lehenga

Jan 20, 2018    Admin

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"I celebrate life with a different colour each day... that way, each day is different" what a beautiful quote it is, isn't it?


We should celebrate our life with different colours each day because life is too short to experience each colour of this world. Life becomes so beautiful when we have a colourful mind, colourful thoughts, colourful heart, colourful soul and colourful dreams. And keeping this in mind, today's brides choose very distinctive colour combinations for their bridal trousseau. It has been seen from last two years that brides are avoiding typical red colour for their wedding lehenga and are preferring multicolour or offbeat colours.


And nothing is wrong in this. I mean why would the bride wear typical red and heavy lehenga, just for the sake of Indian rituals and traditions? And the answer is "No", today's women wear, what they feel comfortable to wear and which suit their personalities. That is why some distinctive colour combinations came in front in recent years and they will going to kill this season.


Some of those I can mention here. Let's start with pink, yes pink because it is not just a colour for girls it is their first love from colours by birth. In this trend, many shades of pink came in front and with different shades of combinations, for example, pastel pink with silver and pastel pink with golden are going amazingly to rock the party. Also, the bright colour combination is stealing the heart of everyone like pink with orange or orange with green.


Dark pink colour with sea green is becoming the first choice of brides. Coming on light colours, we will find huge varieties of hues which are perfect for engagement look and for bridesmaids too. For example beige colour in contrast with peach colour, baby pink or light sky colour. Also emerald blue and emerald green brought uniqueness in bride's couture. Next combination which is really looking cool these days is laddoo colour, yes laddoo is also a colour now and with the contrast of cherry and maroon, it just kills everything. Multicolour lehengas are also in, like which do not have two or three colours to describe. In those lehengas, each colour tells a story of bride's big day. In the collection of that variety, we see yellow, green, red, golden all in one set, another example is pink, cream, royal blue and golden and many more combinations like this.


In search of a distinctive colour combination like these, I reached Chandni Chowk lehenga shop with my friend for her wedding couture. We saw lots of shops in Chandni Chowk for bridal lehengas and bridal garments. Out of some of the shops located there, we prefer best shop as it had wide range of collection to meet our specific requirements. We found every type of lehenga and outfit there which I mentioned above. I mean their colour combinations, their designs, their lehenga's lightweight everything was just perfect and caught me there only. Also, a bride should choose her trousseau's colour, keeping simplicity in mind because it has been seen in many cases that in the race of looking unique, brides ruin their colour combinations and natural beauty on their big day.


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