New Ways to Drape Two Bridal Lehenga Dupattas in 2019

Jan 10, 2019    Admin

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We know that you are very excited about your big day and about your lehenga and its dupatta. For a long time, brides have been wearing their dupatta in a similar traditional manner. Now as the times and trends are changing, it’s time to bring some style statement and update ourselves.
One must know, every occasion demands a different drape of dupatta to accentuate a woman to look her best and glam on the Ceremony! We are here to guide you with different ways to drape double bridal lehenga dupatta for your D Day.
Before we go ahead, there are little but the most important things you should know about
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Dupattas: Foremost thing is to set your lighter dupatta on the head, because
that’s the weight which you are going to carry on your head for long hours throughout your wedding.
Make sure dupatta on your head should match with your skin color bringing out the best from your make up and jewelry.
Make sure to choose each dupatta in a different color and contrast shades like pink with yellow, magenta with turquoise, red with mint green etc.
Your lighter dupatta should be of lighter fabrics like net, chiffon, etc. to ensure comfort. The other one should be heavier. This will make your lehenga look more beautiful if it’s lighter in design and pattern.
If your wedding falls in winter, velvet dupattas are perfect for winter brides. You can choose the second dupatta in velvet stuff. This will look heavy and act as protection in cold.
You can opt for Bandhni Dupattas as they are in trend and will certainly give you a different look.
Pin each dupatta firmly so that they are in place when you move around or dance.
When you have chosen your type of dupattas, it’s time to set them accordingly:
Step 1: Quintessential draping style; In this one dupatta is on the head and the other is plated on the shoulder.
Step 2: Sophisticated draping style; one dupatta on the head and other draped in Saree Style.
Step 3: Belt Style; Set the first dupatta on the head and your second dupatta plated on shoulder tied with the belt.
Step 4: Velvet dupatta style; Layer draping style: Layer both dupattas one over other.
We are delighted that you’re reading this. If you are married, please share some different new styles if you know any which are not on our list and if you are unmarried then please share your views on our feed and blog.

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