Designer Saree



  • Posted on Oct 11, 2017

Cotton–  The Indian subcontinent is home for the cotton crop.The art of weaving and dying of cotton was known in India some 5000 years ago.Cotton fabrics are woven throughout the length and breadth of India. Chanderi–  Chanderi is noted for fine cotton saris.In this fabric, the wrap is silk and weft is cotton. Jamdani– This ... read more

Drapes and Silhouettes

  • Posted on Feb 13, 2017

Fashion is always rotating in nature and thus the designs are changing every now and then.Engaging into designing new patterns and changing them according to the season and trend is the characteristics of a successful designer.Saree gowns and layered dresses are the hottest trend of the season.Fitted sarees and gowns,sensual and flowing,pay an ode to ... read more