Which is The Most Preferred Colour of a Bridal Lehenga ?


  • Posted on Nov 23, 2017

As weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions in India ,the bridal lehenga is considered and linked with auspicious moments.

Red is one colour which surely makes an appearance in every wedding celebration.It has been an old companion of Indian brides, and a colour which reminds the beginning of new phase in her life.

Weddings in India are always associated with bright and vibrant colours which enhance the auspiciousness of the occasion.Each hue and shade signifies some aspect of life.Bright colours are commonly associated with love and passion.Besides this, according to astrology, the planet incharge of marriages,Mars, is red in colour. Therefore, tones of red are most preferred by Indian brides during the wedding ceremonies since it stands for fertility and prosperity. Therefore,women in almost all parts of our country are decked in tones of Red bridal attire owing to the sacredness of this colour.Grooms also tend to add Red to the attire as Red denotes strength and vigour.

Now a days, brides also prefer contemporary and modern look and prefer to dress in newer colour tones in addition to Red.Not just that, there are always newer colours in fashion every year that give every bride’s wardrobe a new touch.The new colours that are going to rule the bridal ramps apart from Reds and Golds this season are primrose yellow, lapis blue, fiery flame(a tone of orange),island paradise(tone of Aqua) and the most subtle Pale dogwood(family of peach colour),refreshing Tangy yellow green, bright wedding colour pink yarrow(a whimsical version of pink) lush and soft kale and the neutral earthen Hazelnut.Plan your occasion and wedding outfits in these colours for a latest up to the date perfect bridal look.You will get a whole new collection of fresh colours and designs at Kala Shree Regalia.

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