The Tiny Tassel Tale


  • Posted on Aug 29, 2019

“They are so colorful yet so subtle, so spunky yet so simple and add that hip and happening look to your attire in all its glory”

When it comes to bridal fashion, it’s all in the details and tassels have to be our favorite little detail that looks super chic. A plain ombre lehenga with the funkiest tassels can be the perfect Mehendi outfit, and a traditional bridal lehenga with some off-beat tassels can give an edge to a contemporary bride and people would be boggled by their style and color! We’ve picked the coolest latkans that we create and are running in the market-from cutouts to fringes to pearls.

THE CLASSIC POM POMS: These fat pom-pom balls sashaying from a beautiful girl’s waist is pretty much the norm now, and if it was up to us- all the pom poms would be in a contrasting color to the lehenga to stand out or imagine a matching pom-poms tassels with the saree- it would add a texture to the look and pull together the look.

COLORFUL THREAD TASSELS: you can create a tassel out of anything – yarn, needlepoint threads, and imagination. Fibers with lots of texture, such as lace- weight mohair, yield full, soft, fuzzy tassels. If you want casual sophistication, pot for a rustic plant fiber, such as linen or fique. A sport – weight wool silk yarn makes a luxurious, more tailored tassel with an elegant drape. Use thinner fibers, such as silk or cotton embroidery floss, for smaller tassels.

BIRD TASSELS: Perfect for wedding dress or tops, dresses, etc. They are so unique and would add vibrancy and quirk to any attire.

GHUNGHROO KI CHAN CHAN: Ghunghroo’s are not just tied up to feet anymore; we recently spotted a plain lehenga with tassels as ghunghroo bangles. Four chunky bangles and just a plain skirt gave the most striking effect ever and were the perfect Mehendi outfit on a budget. If going for just the ghunghroo’s, pair them up with pastel hues – gold and silver colors in bangles are royal of all times. So new, so chic! Who needs embroidery when you have such exquisite tassels?

CUT- OUT TASSELS:  Cut out a beautiful shape and embellish it, you can try big square, circle or a triangle, then add any work on it- mirror, antique, zardozi. Good fun!

BIG MOTIFS OF STONE WORK: Stone work tassels with big motifs and intricate patterns with dangling bells just add to the whole charm of the tassels!

GOTTA TASSELS: The cute little inverted umbrellas made of gotta are uber chic! 

MIRROR WORK TASSELS: Oversized mirror work or cloth balls of mirror work which resonates zari like feel will look gorgeous.

PEARL TASSELS: Add pearl additions to regular ones to give it a dreamy vibe- the more pearls, the better!

  FLOWERS WITH POM POMS: Take all that sheer extra cloth from your dupatta and make little flowers out of it and add a few pom-poms for a dramatic effect!

FRINGE TASSELS: Add fringes midway between the usual ball tassels to add volume and texture to your look.

VELVET TASSELS: Cloth tassels might come across as boring usually but not here- you can make them with colorful bits and peices or go sheer to add glamour and style!

QUIRKY TASSELS: Bicycle tassels, crochet tassels, leather tassels or feathery tassels- the only limit is just your imagination.

According to your lehenga, you can opt for your tassels. You can also pave the way for personalized embroidery of your names and initials! OR go fancy with fabric multi-folds and dainty embellishments! Tassels are beautifully designed by our in-house team and can be customized as per your taste and preference


  1. At the side of a lehenga.
  2. At the back of the blouse, in thick waves.
  3. Hang the tassels necklace around your neck.
  4. The saree tassels.
  5. Tassels on a suit- they can be beautifully used on the back, side or dupatta of the suit, which would fully accentuate the style and the look of the attire.

Thus, there are various types and ways to wear the tassels; it accentuates over the style of the attire with equal panache and charm. The tassels produce an enigmatic effect give a sound of ringing in the ears when you twirl and the overall appearance of your attire changes as you add these small little fragrances to your lehenga!  

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